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Data AI Readiness | First Step Towards AI Readiness

The journey towards AI readiness begins not with fancy algorithms or cutting-edge software but with something more fundamental: data.


PDPL Compliance Made Easy for UAE Banks

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have introduced a new legislation, the Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL), that mirrors the EU’s GDPR. We explain what the...


What is AI Readiness?

Simply procuring AI technology is not sufficient; you also need to become AI-ready. This article explains the key elements of AI readiness.


AI Needs Domain Knowledge to Boost Data Quality

In this article, we explain how AI and domain knowledge combined tackle every aspect of data quality and how OvalEdge provides this holistic solution...

data-quality ai-readiness

Improving Data Quality at a Regional Bank | A Case Study

A regional US bank used OvalEdge to tackle data quality issues that were leading to inaccurate liquidity risk and credit risk predictions, and...


Data Quality Purpose-Built for Banking

For banks, issues with data quality can have dramatic repercussions financially and from a compliance perspective. In this blog, we’ll explore the...


Data Quality Challenges for Fair Lending Compliance in Banking

Data quality is a major pain-point when it comes to fair lending compliance. Most existing tools are not purpose-built to address this challenge....


Data Lineage Explained with Examples

This article aims to demystify the intricacies of data lineage by exploring its two main types—Business Data Lineage and Technical/ETL Data...


The Top Features of a Comprehensive Data Catalog

In the ever-evolving landscape of data management, organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of having a robust data catalog to...


How OvalEdge Supports Snowflake Horizon’s Governance Capabilities

Snowflake Horizon, a built-in governance suite for Snowflake customers, covers every aspect of data governance with native features addressing...

How to Implement Data Governance in Small and Mid-Sized Banks

Data governance is crucial in every industry, but the stringent regulatory requirements in the financial sector make well-governed data one of the...


Top Features of a Data Lineage Tool in 2024

In the intricate landscape of data management, understanding the journey and relationships of your data is paramount. A data lineage tool serves as a...


Data Governance in Technology Companies

In this digital wilderness, tech companies stand as pioneers and explorers in a vast sea of data. As they embark on their quest for technological...


The Top Three CDO Priorities for 2024

Every year, technical roles in organizations must adapt to the changing face of the business technology landscape. This year, the CDO is facing a...


Top 8 Features of a Data Quality Tool

High-quality data is a cornerstone of data governance, but many companies still fail to implement ways to ensure it. The best way to boost data...


How to Implement the DPDP Act 2023, India’s Landmark Data Protection Act

In August 2023, the Government of India enacted its landmark data protection regulation, the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023 (DPDP Act)....


Data Governance : Cost of Inaction

Some business decisions—like implementing an ERP system—will boost productivity, but the worst that will happen if you fail to act on them is losing...


Data Governance in the Insurance Industry

Choosing a company to insure them when the worst-case scenario happens is one of the most important decisions a person can make. The trust customers...


Data Lineage | Drivers and Techniques

Data lineage, tracking, and recording the various processes and changes data has been through since its inception is one of the core aspects of data...


Business Glossary | Challenges and Solutions

Many data teams may believe the hard work is over once they have collected and curated the terms required to create a business glossary....


Risk Assessment in Banking

Guest author Dr. Sujatha (Su) Rayburn is Vice President of Information Management and Analytics at Delta Community.


What is Data Curation?

In a museum, the curator collects, organizes, manages, and preserves valuable art and artifacts. And without them, museums would just be big rooms...


How OvalEdge Provides AI-Powered Access Management in Snowflake

When you opt for a data management or storage solution, you always consider the security implications. You want to ensure your data is always safe,...

data-security data-access

4 Steps to AI-Ready Data

Those in the know have long been aware of the potential of AI technologies. However, it wasn't until the public unveiling of generative AI at the...


How to Become and Deliver as a Chief Data Officer

The role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) is inextricably linked with data governance. Without experience managing data governance programs,...


Finding the Right Data Governance Tool in 2024

During a recent conversation, a CDO told me he had just hired a Data Governance Lead who wanted to begin drafting data access policies. "You...


What is Data Quality? Dimensions & Their Measurement

When I was a kid, I remember going to the store to buy a new hard drive. When I asked the store manager how big it would be, he told me it would be...


What is a Business Glossary? Definition, Examples, Template

Before I dive into what a business glossary is and how best you can develop one for your organization, I want to use a famous example that shows the...


Data Catalog vs Data Dictionary - Differences & Use Cases

In the modern age, companies are responsible for a mind-bogglingly huge amount of data. If you imagine as much data as possible, it wouldn’t even...


Data Dictionary: What is it and how do you create your own?

At this point, it’s cliche to emphasize the importance of data nowadays. Nearly every business relies heavily on data, and people are increasingly...


The Importance of Data Governance in Financial Services

According to the 1966 musical Cabaret, ‘money makes the world go around’. But in 2023, it could be argued that data is just as pivotal to the earth's...

data-governance finance

What is Data Obfuscation and why is it important to your business?

In today's digital world, data is a valuable asset that businesses rely on for decision-making, operations, and competitive advantage. But with the...


What is Active Metadata Management? Definition & Benefits

By adopting aggressive metadata analysis across your complete data management environment, you can reduce the time-to-delivery of new data assets to...

Data Governance: What, Why, Who & How. A practical guide with examples

Digital transformations are sweeping the business world at every level. From global enterprises trading legacy systems for multi-cloud architecture...


The Importance of Data Governance in Healthcare

It gets clearer each year that data is at the heart of most businesses, which makes it vital to maintain high-quality standards.

data-governance healthcare

What is Data Fabric? Definition & Architecture

With the increased importance of data to businesses, it’s no surprise that there are more and more ways to organize and store data.


How to Manage Data Quality

Data quality management is an essential element of data governance. However, to undertake it effectively, you need a dedicated tool. In this article,...


How OvalEdge and Dremio Support Data Agility

In today's data-driven business landscape, organizations are becoming increasingly aware of how crucial data governance is in maintaining the...

3 Data Privacy Compliance Challenges that can be solved with OvalEdge

When you manage large amounts of data, privacy will always be front of mind. The most obvious reason is to avoid falling foul of rules and...

gdpr data-compliance

5 Core Benefits of Data Lineage

One thing all data-driven organizations are aware of is the fluidity of data. Far from being a static resource, data is constantly moved from one...


Data Security in Snowflake Via OvalEdge

OvalEdge has completed the Snowflake Ready Validation Program. This third-party technical validation process confirms that OvalEdge integration is...

Data Observability: What it is and Why it is important for your Business

It’s pretty much a cliché to say these days, but data really is the foundation of modern business. Not only is there an eye-watering amount of it,...


What is Data Mesh? Principles & Architecture

Until recently, data lakes were the hot thing in data architecture, but more and more companies are turning away from this approach in search of an...


Data Governance and Data Quality: Working Together

Data Quality is the degree to which data is accurate, complete, timely, and consistent with your business’s requirements; whereas Data Governance is...


What's new in OvalEdge 6.0?

The latest version of OvalEdge is about to be released in a month, and there's much to be excited about. OvalEdge 6.0 is packed with new features and...


Top 5 Data Governance Use Cases

It’s almost impossible to emphasize how important data is to both people and industry. Not only is data at the heart of most business operations, but...


Making a Roadmap for Successful Data Governance

A Data Governance (DG) roadmap will bring together your drivers, priorities, team members, and capacity and determine how governance will work to...


Empower your Data Governance Policy with Matillion ETL and OvalEdge

Data governance is a hot topic right now. For companies today, ensuring proper data asset management and curating a culture of accountability over...

A Complete Guide to Data Access Governance

Imagine a coworker logs in to the company’s HR portal to see his benefits and can see your salary!! What? Don’t worry, that won’t happen as these...


How Chief Data Officers overcome three key challenges they face

The role of a Chief Data Officer (CDO) is relatively new and hence laden with many new challenges. But knowing these issues beforehand can help you...


How End-to-End Data Governance in Snowflake Supports Business Agility

Data governance is a comprehensive, collaborative process that brings business, compliance, and IT teams together. Collectively, they can ensure data...


Data Access Management Basics & Implementation Strategy

Regulating access to data is one of the most important aspects of data governance. As a result, data access management has evolved into an...


Building an Effective Data Governance Framework

A data governance framework enables you to define and document your data governance policies and compartmentalize the steps required to provide...

data-governance data-catalog

Data Governance & Data Stewardship Explained

Data governance and data stewardship are two crucial terms that you can’t afford to forget if you want to derive the maximum value from your...


Data Governance & Metadata Management: Better Together

Metadata management is a critical element of data governance that enables users to derive value from the data they have at their disposal. Beyond...


Data Governance Maturity Models and How to Measure It?

Summary: A data governance maturity model is a tool and methodology used to measure your organization's data governance initiatives and communicate...


Building a Business Glossary - Why and How

A data governance business glossary is an essential data literacy tool and crucial for understanding the data in your organization and undertaking...


How Cross-Team Collaborative Analytics Benefits an Organization

In the past decade, advanced analytics has come a long way. Beyond simple call insights, companies can now track how teams from every sector work...


Best Practices for Improving Data Quality

If you’ve read our other data quality blogs in this series, you’ll understand the importance of high-quality data for accurate decision making,...


How to build a business case for data governance

Summary: The key steps to building a business case for data governance are:

data-governance business-case

Data Privacy Compliance: How to Ensure it and How it Can Benefit Your Business

Compliance in a data governance context refers to the measures taken by a data governance team, specifically data protection officers, to ensure an...


Data Literacy: What it is and How it Benefits Your Business

Data literacy ensures all data users within an organization are educated to a level that enables them to consume data with confidence within a...


Data Discovery: What it is, Why it’s Important for Data Governance

An essential business intelligence (BI) process, effective data discovery provisions make an organization’s data easy to locate, regardless of where...


Data Governance Tools: Capabilities To Look For

Organizations are investing heavily in data governance initiatives to help ensure their data delivers business value. A successful data governance...


Framework of Data Governance

If there’s anything that’s defining thriving businesses today, it’s a strong understanding and strategizing the use of a company’s data.


Data Governance: What It Means and What Are Its Drivers

If there’s anything that’s defining thriving businesses today, it’s a strong understanding and strategizing the use of a company’s data.


Getting Started with OvalEdge Data Catalog

This guide helps you to navigate through various features and functionality of OvalEdge. It will help you to get started with OvalEdge quickly.


How to Start Doing Data-driven Supply Chain Optimization

What is Supply Chain Optimization (SCO)? A supply chain is the sequence of processes and activities involved in the production and distribution of a...


A step-by-step guide to build a data catalog

What is a data catalog? A data catalog is a systematic list of all data assets in the form of tables, files, reports, etc. that exist in a company's...

data-analytics data-catalog

Data Analytics unravels the secret of Oleg’s popularity on LinkedIn

Q. What is the secret of Oleg’s popularity on LinkedIn? LinkedIners would surely like to know the answer to this question. Oleg Vishnepolsky is a ...


Get GDPR ready

For multinational companies, today is the time to act on GDPR. WHY? There is an adage which holds true here – A stitch in time saves thine! You don’t...

gdpr data-compliance

A Step-by-Step Guide to Metadata Management

“For me, context is the key – from that comes the understanding of everything.” – Kenneth Noland, American painter Effective metadata management in...


Benefits of a Data lake

The key benefit of a data lake is that you can store any and all data in one place incurring a low cost, pulling it as analytical needs arise. But...


Hadoop Best Practices for Data Ingestion

Hadoop Data ingestion is the beginning of your data pipeline in a data lake. It means taking data from various silo databases and files and putting...


What is Unstructured Data and How to Process it on Hadoop?

Hadoop was invented to process unstructured data. First at Google, then at Yahoo and Bing, it was used to create page rank based on keywords from the...

hadoop unstructured-data

Equifax and the Curious Case of Data Breach. How to Dodge that Bullet?

Equifax is the recent addition to the ever-increasing list of a data breach. Companies are scampering to bolster their defenses with piecemeal...


Hadoop best practices for ETL

Hadoop, an open-source framework has been around for quite some time in the industry. You would see a multitude of articles on how to use Hadoop for...

hadoop big-data

Can data-driven curiosity cure our cognitive biases?

Cognitive biases and our brain Does the fact that having biases is an inherent part of the human brain, surprise you? Don’t be surprised as this is...



BI, Analytics, and Discovery? Know the difference in the big data era

Before starting from home for the airport, you put your flight number – DL28 on Google search. It shows you the current flight status from Atlanta to...

hadoop big-data

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