A new way to transform your
raw data into Insights

Research, brainstorm and create in one visual, collaborative space.

Build your requirements fast

Start from exploring data, add the right data to your analytics project with
appropriate notes, Collaborate at one common platform.

Use Excel Skills to build SQL.
Use single query editor to query
hundreds of databases

The analysts who are not SQL experts can build SQL with our spreadsheet-style interface.
Now you don't need to worry about connecting to different databases, downloading drivers for each of them. Use
the simple web interface of OvalEdge to query data. Those who are SQL experts can write their own queries.

Gather data from various systems
into a single Data Lake

Using Data Exchange, you can move data from various databases
into one common platform to do the ad-hoc analysis.

Use our light visualization capabilities
to picture your data

You can either use your favored tool or our basic visualization tool
to build infographics to understand data.


See OvalEdge in action

 Draws Lineage

Draws Lineage

to show the complete data cycle


all your data


your data for easy retrieval


data for quick understanding
 Marks Relationship

Marks Relationship

to show you the complete picture

Are you ready to discover your competitive edge?