Imagine a data catalog that everyone can use?

The business can get the right trusted data when they need them. And data analysts/scientists uncover hidden business opportunities, in data stored in various dispersed data sources or deep in your data lake.

That’s why OvalEdge is different. It can be used by everyone, every day – from the business analysts to the data scientists. No more back and forth emails, access issues, project delays due to differing business priorities. It’s your go-to-source for understanding your business, consumers, and a whole lot more.

Imagine a data catalog

Index All Your Data

Crawl all your data sources– and even your data lake – to index the metadata of every file, table, analytics software or other piece of data. OvalEdge crawls:

Data Management Platforms

  • Relational Databases - Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, etc.
  • Data Warehouses - Teradata, Vertica etc.
  • Object Storage
  • Cloud Platforms - Google Big Query, MS Azure Data Lake, AWS – Athena & Red Shift
  • Non-Relational / NoSQL Databases- Cassandra, MongoDB
  • Hadoop Distributions
Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms
  • Modern Business Intelligence Platforms
  • Analytic Applications
Custom Applications
Data catalog crawls all your databases

Organize Data for Easy Retrieval

Data Catalog Organized Data
OvalEdge automatically organizes and catalogs your data using machine learning and advance algorithms. You can organize data using tags, usage statistics, user names, and other markers – so it’s easily retrievable with everyday language.
Create tags easily or use recommended ones

Summarize Your Data

Profile your data with various statistics, counts of rows/columns/etc. Plus shows informative synopsis of each data set.
Data Catalog Data Summary
View data profile and data statistics

Get the Whole Data Picture via Relationships

Data Picture via Relationships
Marks relationships across every database – using algorithms and manual inputs – so you know how data is connected. Will even mark relationships for data housed in a data lake.
Filters and joins to help you build insights, while mindful of data permissions

View Data’s Lineage

Data Lineage
Track data from its origin to its destination, and even identify errors created along the way.
View data lineage. Even use your own ETL tools

Govern Your Data

  • Simplify and standardize data definitions using the business glossary
  • Clearly define roles and responsibilities like data owners, data stewards
  • Manage data access through policies, controls, and workflows
  • Define data quality rules to improve trust of Data and enable effective decision making
  • Understand
    changes about data usage and controls
  • Get reports about data usage and controls

Delivers Insights

Use Excel Skills to build SQL. Use single query editor to query hundreds of databases

The analysts who are not SQL experts can build SQL with our spreadsheet-style interface.

Now you don't need to worry about connecting to different databases, downloading drivers for each of them.

Use the simple web interface of OvalEdge to query data. Those who are SQL experts can write their own queries.

Build your data catalog quickly

No point in waiting years to access your data. With OvalEdge, you can be up and running in a month or so, depending upon how much data you have. Plus the catalog grows with you. Adding new data sources is a breeze.
Data catalog Quickly

Collaborate Easily

Data consumers can chat directly in the catalog about the data. Or, they can send a link using Slack or email, and the link shows all the details about the data.

Set up Alerts

Alerts can be set up to notify data consumers about any changes to the data sets. For example, metadata changes or a sizable data increase.

Find your edge now. See how OvalEdge works.