GDPR, CCPA, IAPP and more such regulations are demanding organizations to keep customers' PII well encrypted and with utmost care. They also should have the capability to delete it from all their systems when asked by the customer.

Multiple solutions are available for data encryption, access control but finding PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data across hundreds of databases, archived storage, data lake is a major challenge.

By 2020, archived personal data will represent the largest area of privacy risk for 70% of organizations.

As per Gartner

OvalEdge is the solution. Use a single GDPR Dashboard to know all the information across hundreds of databases or a data lake.

How OvalEdge achieves this:

Make a centralized repository of all the metadata from various file systems (Data Lake, NFS etc) with multiple file formats (JSON, Avro, Excel etc). databases and NoSQL databases

Identify the PII using Artificial Intelligence

Query hundreds of databases, data lake on demand using HPII proprietary technology

Centralize your reporting mechanism

Automate workflow and processes for collection or deletion of data based on the compliance norms

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Draws Lineage

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