Shaping the New Data Landscape

The OvalEdge data catalog and governance tool is the vanguard of modern data management. As part of the team that continues to develop, improve, and market the platform, so are you.

Working at the forefront of modern data governance, you'll find yourself experimenting with and championing tools that are fundamentally changing the way organizations implement data governance strategies.

We are on a mission to make data governance implementation effortless and accessible to all. We believe in the democratization of data and that everyone in an organization should have a platform available to make cutting-edge, data-driven business decisions.

Our revolutionary data catalog and governance tool is that platform.

Here at OvalEdge, our commitment to collaborative decision making doesn't stop at our services, it governs the way we operate too. We understand the power of collaboration and foster a culture of openness and innovation.


At OvalEdge, every member of our international team is as valued, important, and relevant as the next.

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