"Poor data literacy" is the second biggest internal roadblock to success, as ranked by respondents to Gartner's third annual chief data officer (CDO) survey.

  • ...hunting for the right data...
  • ...sending endless emails to data owners and experts...
  • ...when found, praying that the data you have is accurate and trustworthy...
  • Tired of all that?

No more going back and forth.

OvalEdge Data Catalog is the solution.

You can either ask
questions in
natural language

or just explore the
data by clicking

When you have found the data,
understand it deeply with various options like



Various data statistics help you understand the data quickly



Understand what other related data exists to ensure you have found the right information


Users’ tribal knowledge

Various business units knows a lot about their data. Their knowledge and usage can help others tremendously



How the data is getting created, where it is used, what the origin is, etc.

... and many more tools like data comparison, metadata changes,
references help you understand the data

Still not sure about the data? Ask the expert users
who are actually using this data.

Use the data with Confidence and Trust,
because you can track:

other users of data

Who else is using it and how

uses of data

Is it beneficial for others

source of data

What's the source of the data?

How OvalEdge makes it possible?

  • Crawls various metadata from all the source systems
  • Runs various algorithms to build statistics
  • Runs advance algorithms to build relationships and lineages
  • Enables users to enhance the automatic knowledge graph by human curation

See OvalEdge in action

 Draws Lineage

Draws Lineage

to show the complete data cycle


all your data


your data for easy retrieval


data for quick understanding
 Marks Relationship

Marks Relationship

to show you the complete picture