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Now everyone can access data without compromising privacy, compliance, or security 

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Tackle the Most Persistent Data Access Management Challenges

OvalEdge enables its customers to take a full-circle approach to overcome common data access roadblocks.

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Comply with various privacy laws such as the GDPR, CCPA, and banking regulations like the BCBS with a unified access governance solution.

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Centrally manage and control access to data in various data warehouses, data lakes, and reporting systems by controlling compliance and internal access policies.

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Deliver a self-service platform to your organization that enables anyone to discover data, request access, and manage its workflow.

ROI 337%
BENEFITS PV $3.2 million
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The Integrated Feature Set for Comprehensive Data Access Management:

Comprehensive Data Access Management Tool

AI-Driven Data Classification

Classify all your data within a few days or weeks by combining the power of AI and the agility of business workflows.

Classification using AI alone is risky because it isn't 100% effective, while relying on business workflows is inefficient, tedious, and, in many cases, impossible. However, combining AI and business workflows drastically reduces risk and creates an efficient classification process.

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Centralized Access Management

Centralize controlled access to your data across data warehouses, marts, and reporting systems.

Once data is classified, OvalEdge enables Organizations to decide who can access which data and when with bespoke policies based on these classifications.

This process is centralized, enabling you to manage all of your data from one central hub across all supported source systems—including Snowflake, Databricks, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Tableau, Power BI, and more.

Ultimately, users benefit from unhindered self-service because appropriate access management controls are in place.

On-Demand Ad Hoc Data Access Workflows

request access through access approval workflow

Business users can discover data through metadata and request access through a well defined access approval workflow.

After your regular users receive access permissions, there may be occasions when you need to grant a user temporary access to specific data assets. With OvalEdge, you can create ad hoc data access workflows in minutes.

With business processes based on data classification, users can quickly find the data required at the metadata layer and use the in-built data request mechanism to initiate the workflow.

pic Data Masking & Encryption

Data Masking & Encryption

Use OvalEdge to encrypt or mask data at the source to prohibit unauthorized users from accessing it.

Another benefit of classifying PII and other confidential data is that it can be easily flagged. This process enables OvalEdge to effectively encrypt or decrypt data at the source to restrict, secure, and distribute access to different users, slashing the costs associated with moving specific data manually in a warehouse.

Compatible systems include Snowflake, Databricks, and SQL Server.

Alerts & Monitoring

ongoing monitoring and alerting system for efficient data access management

Regular alerts ensure every user is up to date with the latest changes made to the data they use.

On an ongoing basis, whenever any new data is added to your source systems, OvalEdge will alert the relevant users. These alerts also govern changes to the business processes and workflows required for automated access permissions.

This ongoing monitoring and alerting system is critical for efficient access management as users must be kept up to date with data they are permitted to interact with to prevent confusion.

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