How OvalEdge and Dremio Support Data Agility

How OvalEdge and Dremio Support Data Agility

In today's data-driven business landscape, organizations are becoming increasingly aware of how crucial data governance is in maintaining the integrity of their data assets. Data governance is critical for data security compliance, quality, access, and more.

Yet, in this era of rapid technological advances, your data's destinations, processes, and requirements constantly shift. In response to this need for business agility, OvalEdge has joined forces with Dremio in an exciting partnership.

Dremio provides users with data warehousing or virtualization technology, enabling its customers to conduct quick, easy, and affordable self-service analytics.

With Dremio, data is stored with a third-party vendor, such as AWS S3, Azure Data Lake, or Google cloud storage, and Dremio infrastructure is used for data processing. Furthermore, Dremio's data virtualization capabilities make it possible to process data from multiple other databases.

OvalEdge is a comprehensive, end-to-end data governance platform that supports Dremio as a connector on various levels.

Dremio Data Cataloging


OvalEdge catalogs data from Dremio, other data platforms like S3, and visualization technologies like Power BI and Tableau, making it possible to carry out multiple advanced use cases. Data discovery is a primary use case where business users can search the data in their language, and Dremio can provide self-service analytics capabilities. A data catalog is a foundation for various data governance use cases like data quality, access, lineage, impact analysis, and more.  

Dremio Data Quality


OvalEdge provides a data quality management program focused on implementing the data quality improvement lifecycle. Dremio users can take advantage of this trust mechanism using the processing power of the Dremio platform. Customers can then use OvalEdge to automate data profiling and anomaly detection or run data quality rules. At the same time, Dremio serves as a processing layer to perform the queries on the data lake.

Dremio Data Access


Moving forward, Ovaledge will support Dremio's access management capabilities by identifying PII and other data properties using artificial intelligence, while Dremio can protect the data using various encryptions.

OvalEdge is making it much easier for end users to adopt the Dremio infrastructure, providing OvalEdge customers with Dremio's powerful processing and virtualization capabilities.

Dremio Data Lineage


OvalEdge builds data lineage from source to destination, such as the application or database layer, to the data lake (Dremio), and then to the visualization layer. Along with the source system and reporting system, OvalEdge also crawls the source code from Dremio and then creates the lineage automatically by parsing queries on Dremio.

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