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How to Implement Data Governance in Small and Mid-Sized Banks

Data governance is crucial in every industry, but the stringent regulatory requirements in the financial sector make well-governed data one of the...


Data Governance in Technology Companies

In this digital wilderness, tech companies stand as pioneers and explorers in a vast sea of data. As they embark on their quest for technological...


The Top Three CDO Priorities for 2024

Every year, technical roles in organizations must adapt to the changing face of the business technology landscape. This year, the CDO is facing a...


Data Governance : Cost of Inaction

Some business decisions—like implementing an ERP system—will boost productivity, but the worst that will happen if you fail to act on them is losing...


Data Governance in the Insurance Industry

Choosing a company to insure them when the worst-case scenario happens is one of the most important decisions a person can make. The trust customers...


Risk Assessment in Banking

Guest author Dr. Sujatha (Su) Rayburn is Vice President of Information Management and Analytics at Delta Community.


What is Data Curation?

In a museum, the curator collects, organizes, manages, and preserves valuable art and artifacts. And without them, museums would just be big rooms...


4 Steps to AI-Ready Data

Those in the know have long been aware of the potential of AI technologies. However, it wasn't until the public unveiling of generative AI at the...


How to Become and Deliver as a Chief Data Officer

The role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) is inextricably linked with data governance. Without experience managing data governance programs,...


Finding the Right Data Governance Tool in 2024

During a recent conversation, a CDO told me he had just hired a Data Governance Lead who wanted to begin drafting data access policies. "You...


Data Dictionary: What is it and how do you create your own?

At this point, it’s cliche to emphasize the importance of data nowadays. Nearly every business relies heavily on data, and people are increasingly...


The Importance of Data Governance in Financial Services

According to the 1966 musical Cabaret, ‘money makes the world go around’. But in 2023, it could be argued that data is just as pivotal to the earth's...

data-governance finance

Data Governance: What, Why, Who & How. A practical guide with examples

Digital transformations are sweeping the business world at every level. From global enterprises trading legacy systems for multi-cloud architecture...


The Importance of Data Governance in Healthcare

It gets clearer each year that data is at the heart of most businesses, which makes it vital to maintain high-quality standards.

data-governance healthcare

What's new in OvalEdge 6.0?

The latest version of OvalEdge is about to be released in a month, and there's much to be excited about. OvalEdge 6.0 is packed with new features and...


Top 5 Data Governance Use Cases

It’s almost impossible to emphasize how important data is to both people and industry. Not only is data at the heart of most business operations, but...


Making a Roadmap for Successful Data Governance

A Data Governance (DG) roadmap will bring together your drivers, priorities, team members, and capacity and determine how governance will work to...


How Chief Data Officers overcome three key challenges they face

The role of a Chief Data Officer (CDO) is relatively new and hence laden with many new challenges. But knowing these issues beforehand can help you...


How End-to-End Data Governance in Snowflake Supports Business Agility

Data governance is a comprehensive, collaborative process that brings business, compliance, and IT teams together. Collectively, they can ensure data...


Building an Effective Data Governance Framework

A data governance framework enables you to define and document your data governance policies and compartmentalize the steps required to provide...

data-governance data-catalog

Data Governance & Data Stewardship Explained

Data governance and data stewardship are two crucial terms that you can’t afford to forget if you want to derive the maximum value from your...


Data Governance & Metadata Management: Better Together

Metadata management is a critical element of data governance that enables users to derive value from the data they have at their disposal. Beyond...


Data Governance Maturity Models and How to Measure It?

Summary: A data governance maturity model is a tool and methodology used to measure your organization's data governance initiatives and communicate...


How Cross-Team Collaborative Analytics Benefits an Organization

In the past decade, advanced analytics has come a long way. Beyond simple call insights, companies can now track how teams from every sector work...


How to build a business case for data governance

Summary: The key steps to building a business case for data governance are:

data-governance business-case

Data Literacy: What it is and How it Benefits Your Business

Data literacy ensures all data users within an organization are educated to a level that enables them to consume data with confidence within a...


Data Discovery: What it is, Why it’s Important for Data Governance

An essential business intelligence (BI) process, effective data discovery provisions make an organization’s data easy to locate, regardless of where...


Data Governance Tools: Capabilities To Look For

Organizations are investing heavily in data governance initiatives to help ensure their data delivers business value. A successful data governance...


Framework of Data Governance

If there’s anything that’s defining thriving businesses today, it’s a strong understanding and strategizing the use of a company’s data.


Data Governance: What It Means and What Are Its Drivers

If there’s anything that’s defining thriving businesses today, it’s a strong understanding and strategizing the use of a company’s data.


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