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AI Data Readiness vs Traditional Data Quality

AI data readiness is different from traditional data quality. This article explains that difference using concrete examples so you can better prepare...

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Solving Data Quality Pain Points for Chief Risk Officers

Data quality issues severely impact CROs’ ability to build accurate risk models. In this article, we describe the nature of those data quality issues...


AI Needs Domain Knowledge to Boost Data Quality

In this article, we explain how AI and domain knowledge combined tackle every aspect of data quality and how OvalEdge provides this holistic solution...

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Improving Data Quality at a Regional Bank | A Case Study

A regional US bank used OvalEdge to tackle data quality issues that were leading to inaccurate liquidity risk and credit risk predictions, and...


Data Quality Purpose-Built for Banking

For banks, issues with data quality can have dramatic repercussions financially and from a compliance perspective. In this blog, we’ll explore the...


Data Quality Challenges for Fair Lending Compliance in Banking

Data quality is a major pain-point when it comes to fair lending compliance. Most existing tools are not purpose-built to address this challenge....


Top 8 Features of a Data Quality Tool

High-quality data is a cornerstone of data governance, but many companies still fail to implement ways to ensure it. The best way to boost data...


What is Data Quality? Dimensions & Their Measurement

Data quality is a cornerstone of data governance and has a huge impact on the effectiveness and accuracy of business decisions. In this blog, we...


How to Manage Data Quality

Data quality management is an essential element of data governance. However, to undertake it effectively, you need a dedicated tool. In this article,...


Data Governance and Data Quality: Working Together

Data quality and data governance are closely aligned but there are some important differences between them. That said, successful data quality...


Best Practices for Improving Data Quality

If you’ve read our other data quality blogs in this series, you’ll understand the importance of high-quality data for accurate decision making,...


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