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Top 8 Features of a Data Quality Tool

If your data isn't high quality, it's worthless. Bad data quality means bad analytics, leading to bad business decisions that harm your organization....


What is Data Quality? Dimensions & Their Measurement

When I was a kid, I remember going to the store to buy a new hard drive. When I asked the store manager how big it would be, he told me it would be...


How to Manage Data Quality

You're a pilot whose navigation system is fed with inaccurate data. You may fly in the wrong direction or, worse, crash. Similarly, poor data quality...


Data Governance and Data Quality: Working Together

Data Quality is the degree to which data is accurate, complete, timely, and consistent with your business’s requirements; whereas Data Governance is...


Best Practices for Improving Data Quality

Data is often described as the new oil, but ensuring data quality is better compared to growing a delicate fruit. Just as with a fruit tree, data...


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