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Hadoop Best Practices for Data Ingestion

Hadoop Data ingestion is the beginning of your data pipeline in a data lake. It means taking data from various silo databases and files and putting...


What is Unstructured Data and How to Process it on Hadoop?

Hadoop was invented to process unstructured data. First at Google, then at Yahoo and Bing, it was used to create page rank based on keywords from the...

hadoop unstructured-data

Hadoop best practices for ETL

Hadoop, an open-source framework has been around for quite some time in the industry. You would see a multitude of articles on how to use Hadoop for...

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BI, Analytics, and Discovery? Know the difference in the big data era

Before starting from home for the airport, you put your flight number – DL28 on Google search. It shows you the current flight status from Atlanta to...

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