OvalEdge and Sisense

Trusted business analytics in real-time
"Sisense is excited to partner with Ovaledge in providing advanced data catalog and data governance capabilities. This enables users to identify the correct data to analyze quickly and accurately, addressing the rapid changing and explosive growth of data sets in today's environment."

- Steven Larsen, VP Platform Partnerships, Sisense

Sisense is a cutting-edge business analytics and visualization platform that enables users to transform data into navigable dashboards quickly, interactive BI applications, and self-service analytics. The platform integrates with Redshift, S3, Athena, Aurora, RDS, DynamoDB, Comprehend, and Kinesis. It is also an AWS Data & Analytics Competency partner.

Sisense works with BI groups in many companies. The most weighty challenges these BI groups face stem from three issues:   

  • Unverified or untrustworthy data,
  • Demand for BI resources exceeding capacity, 
  • Slow migration from legacy systems. 

Integration with OvalEdge’s advanced data catalog and data governance toolset enables Sisense to trace the origin of the data it processes quickly and accurately.

Trustworthy Data

Using OvalEdge technology alongside the Sisense platform enables users to identify in real-time any data handled by the provider, including the data lineage - the journey of data from its origin to its destination. This high-level transparency and clarity give the data a great deal of credibility and trustworthiness.

Fewer Resources

Sisense clients can utilize metadata from OvalEdge and surface it intelligently to make BI tools more efficient and effective. For example, our joint technology would enable a BI team to visualize skillfully how many company reports exist with only one or two different attributes. With this information, they can ignore any redundant data.

Simple Migration

Simple Migration

The critical challenge in migrating to a newly-developed BI tool like Sisense is navigating dependencies on existing legacy systems and the complex business logic that has been built up over time around it. At OvalEdge, we inspect a company's business logic as a whole and use our findings to determine which dependencies are slowing down the migration process quickly.

"With our strategic partnership, we have significantly reduced the time to trusted analytics"


Sharad Varshney, CEO


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