Discovery Platform for Fortune 500 Hospitality Company

  • icon_objective OBJECTIVE

    The client wanted to create a data platform to study and understand big data. The aim of this was to do pricing optimization and operational optimization

  • icon_challenge Challenge

    The client has invested heavily in the Amadeus reservation system. This system generates about one billion events every day. After spending about two years, IT has created a streaming system and a data lake. This lake has more than 1PB of data. For any small use case, business team needs to create a project for IT, and it was taking a long time and money. The business team wants to see, access and query the data on an ad-hoc basis so that they can analyze themselves without the help of IT.

  • icon_solution Solution

    The client learned about the OvalEdge data catalog and selected OvalEdge to create a self-service environment for their business unit. Within two months of OvalEdge implementation, the client is now able to touch and feel data and query it. For this client, OvalEdge is building a specialized data exchange so that data can be moved from Hive to Druid on an ad-hoc basis. It would give the business team a complete, ad-hoc analysis system.

  • icon_aha Aha! moments because of OvalEdge

    For the last two years, the business team wanted to access the data which was in their data lake but couldn't. After implementing OvalEdge, now business can understand the complex Amadeus system data and ask questions from the data.


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