• Data Consolidation Platform for a Mid-size Healthcare Company

    Objective Objective
    The client needs a data platform where they can assemble all the data (primarily sales and operation) at one place. They are the new age data company and want to provide secure self-service data access to all the people in the company, including sales staff.
    Data Consolidation Platform
  • icon_challenge Challenge
    They have sales analytics data hosted in about two dozen databases. When they started to build a traditional data-warehouse, after six months with a limited budget, they were only able to get one database moved to the data warehouse. They realized that creating a data warehouse would be very expensive. The analytics use cases (mostly reports), were costing them more than its initial one-year saving. It was hard for them to justify the investment.
  • icon_solution Solution
    The client learned about data cataloging and selected OvalEdge for it. Now within three weeks of using OvalEdge, all the data is cataloged and available via self-service to everyone in the organization. Now they are leveraging OvalEdge to understand the data with functional experts (Sales team) and report developer and directly create a dynamic data-warehouse for that report or use Tableau report.
  • icon_aha Aha! moments because of OvalEdge
    For the last six months, the client was creating various data models and ETL activity to provide self-service access to end users. Now when they installed OvalEdge and profiled all the data, within three weeks, all the data was available to their analysts.