Upwork secures its sensitive data within weeks with OvalEdge

    The client is a global freelancing web platform. They have a lot of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of freelancers and clients e.g., full name, home address, SSN, credit card numbers. They knew the data privacy regulations but did not know knew where all the PII data was located in their various systems.
  • The data team was struggling to find all the PII data as it has to be masked and protected to comply with data regulations.
  • Solution Solution
    OvalEdge offers a way to locate your data, leveraging the Data Catalog. The Data Catalog is an inventory of all the metadata from the connected applications/databases.
  • Once OvalEdge was installed in their environment, they connected all their desired data sources, crawled and profiled them and then began their journey to locate and secure their data.
  • This client leveraged one of OvalEdge’s data classification features, DAG tags. A DAG (data asset group) tag allowed the business to functionally secure their data. They created 2 tags named Non-PII and PII. They then applied these tags to the applicable data objects. Once the tag is assigned to a data object, OvalEdge’s advanced AI job can be run which recommends fields that may also need to be protected based on the metadata/data present.
This client was able to find, classify and secure all their sensitive data in only a few weeks, thanks to OvalEdge’s advanced capabilities to find the needed data and fine-grain access controls.